What will it cost?

There is a joining fee of £200 and then a Success fee at the end which is 25% plus VAT of the money which is recovered on you behalf.  There is nothing else for you to pay.  

Why should I join?

We believe the Action Group represents the best and most convenient way for you to recover your losses. Those managing and coordinating the Action are highly experienced in the area as are the lawyers they appoint to act on behalf of members so you are in safe hands.

The Action Group has already invested time and money in investigating the matter and gathering the evidence in order to reach the stage where a detailed claim has been submitted.

The preparatory work has been done and our legal team are all geared up and ready to process your claim. 

How long will it take?

It is hard to say. The claim has to first of all be submitted in accordance with the Professional Negligence Pre Action Protocol as set out in the Civil Procedure Rules.  That is a process which is designed to encourage settlement of claims between the parties.

The Pre Action Protocol process lasts for 3 months (unless it is extended by agreement) and, if the matter does not settle during that period, then proceedings can be issued.

Proceedings can of course still be settled at any stage but, if they need to go all the way to a trial it is likely to take 12 to 18 months from when they were commenced. 

How does it work?

When you register our lawyers will send you the membership agreement. That is your agreement with the Action Group and the other members. 

They will also send you a form of authority so they can obtain your file from Sanders & Co and a form of authority to share information with other group members.. Finally they will send you the No Win No Fee agreement. 

Once you have returned those and paid the joining fee they will send you the password for the members area and will apply for your file. 

Once they have your file they will prepare the letter of claim and submit it to Sanders & Co's insurers. 

If, having seen your file, your claim cannot proceed as part of the group for some reason then you will be advised and your joining fee will be returned.

Why is it urgent?

We cannot share everything on a public website so we can only say that there are reasons why there may be an advantage to those who submit claims sooner rather than later.